How to Change Motorcycle Tires


Motorcycles are the talk of every teenager. The most frequently used and seen automobile on the roads. A two-wheeler motor vehicle which has revolutionary changed the basis of long distance travelling and commuting. Being the cheapest and simplest in its genre have counted for its success. But as we know every coin has two sides, the motorcycle is the most accident prone vehicles.

So the safety of the motorcycle rider is of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind many organizations are working for improving motorcycle safety. An important aspect of this improvement is employing better motorcycle tires. There are a variety of motorcycles for diverse purposes such as racing bikes, long distance bikes, dirt bikes.

All of them use different tires depending upon the safety, speed and other aspects. So to change motorcycle tires is based upon the user’s choice. Moreover, bursting of tires is the most common phenomenon for which we are in search of a nearby mechanic. So why not be self-dependent and be able to solve such commonly faced problems. Much like tires, helmets are just as important. Check out or guide here!

Importance of the tires

Motorcycle tire is a very important part of the motorcycle. Use of the wrong type of tires or wrong installation of the tire would be very dangerous for the rider. So it’s very important to have a good knowledge about the uses and types of tires. Gripping of the motorbike is very important which is solely dependent on the tires. With the vigorous use of tire, it disintegrates, which makes it slippery and prone to accidents. So it’s a good habit to change the tires at regular intervals.

Nothing is difficult unless you give it a try. Similarly, changing motorcycle tire would seem a very difficult job, but it’s not so. A slight knowledge about the equipment and the procedure would make it a piece of cake for anyone. The most important step is to obtain the right apparatus required.

Stuff needed to get the job done

  • Valve Core Remover – It’s a bespoke tool used for removing and substituting presta valve cores. It averts the over-tightening and splitting of the valve stem.
  • Tire Irons – It is a lever made up of steel used for detaching tires from wheel rims.
  • Rim Protectors – They are also known as scuff guards. Their main function is to sacrifice themselves to safeguard the internal sidewalls and the alloy wheels.
  • Windex – It is a cleansing agent containing ammonia and detergent used to lubricate the rubber.
  • Compressed Air – It is an air which is at a pressure more than atmospheric pressure, which is used to fill the tires.
  • Carpet – The entire procedure is carried over the carpet.

Balancing motorcycle tires

  • Balance Stand – It is a setup used to balance the tires, because the tire’s weight is not uniformly distributed so weights have to be put for balancing the tire,
  • Wheel Weights – These are adhesive weights which are put on the lighter side of the tire to balance it.

Step by step, how it’s done

The next important fact about change motorcycle tires is that it is more flexible to work with warm tires so before changing tires either keep it in the sun or split a nice smoky burnout. Now the first thing which we have to do is to remove the valve core by the valve core remover

Next we have to coax the bead off the rim these be pro tires from motion pro have a built-in bead breaker for that exact purpose, then spray a little Windex on the wheel to lubricate the rubber and then work the tool in between the rim and the bee. Then we have to work the tire at several locations until it pops down off the shoulder and into the channel in the middle of the room and once the tire is beat off in one location then remove the rubber from the rest by hand. Remember to put Rim protectors while using the rubber from the rim to prevent any damage from it.

Grab the new tire

Now get the new tire off the motorcycle tire rack, then firstly warm the tire by keeping it in the sun or by keeping hair dryer beneath the tire which increases the flexibility. There is a dot on the tire which resembles the lightest part of the tire, which we have to align with the valve on the rim. The best place to buy motorcycle tires is a place that will allow you to check the flexibility. This is a very important piece of the process.

It’s very important to keep in mind the clockwise and counter-clockwise movement of the rim. Then lubricate the tire with the Windex, keep in mind not to squirt too much liquid inside the tire. Then push the tire on the rim and apply the pressure equally on all sides.Then pump in the air in the tire. The next thing is to balance the tire by using balance stand. Gently spin the wheel and let it stop. The heavier part will be placed at the 6’oclock and the lighter part on the top. Mark the lighter part with a chalk. Then apply adhesive weights on the lighter side on the wheel. Then again spin the wheel and wait for it to stop.

Proper weight distribution is needed

If the weight is rising then we have to put more weight on it and if it sinks, then remove the excess weights from it. When the wheel is balanced then put duct tape to prevent fling of the weights. Remember to place the weights as close to the center as possible. With this the wheel is balanced and the last step is to reinstall the tire in the motorbike. Main part of the work is complete, but reinstalling is the most important step. If the tire is not properly set, then it could lead to bizarre situations. Make the screw tight and properly placed.


It might sound a tough job, but a slight practice would make you an expert and would take hardly 20 minutes to change tire motorcycle and moreover would give you monetary gains too as you don’t have to call a mechanic every time you need a new tire. It’s a simple job which every motorbike rider should know because it is the most frequently faced problems. Cheap bike tires are a lot harder to change, so keep that in mind!

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