How to Wash a Motorcycle Guide


Imagine you are covered in dirt and mud; won’t you clean yourself? Definitely. Your bike should also be no exception. A bike speaks a lot about the owner. A well-maintained vehicle will surely make an impression that its rider believes in cleanliness. Two-wheelers, like any other entity, needs to be cleaned and maintained. Therefore, it is time to make it shine again!

Washing a motorcycle doesn’t take much time, you can do it whenever you are free. You don’t need to spend a fortune by going to a washing center. A good liquid detergent, a bucket of water and scrubber are enough to make your ride brand new. Many people feel lazy and let the layers of dust and mud accumulate on their bike’s surface. It is true that cleaning your motorcycle is not half as fun as riding it but it is an important practice. Regular washing of your motorcycle helps its paint last longer and make it look cleaner. There are some important points that should be kept in mind while washing your ride. So, how to wash motorcycle? Well, let’s get started! Also, if you’re looking for a good helmet, click here.

Items needed

  • A bucket of water and/or pipe
  • Soap or liquid detergent
  • A scrubber/toothbrush
  • Bug and Tar remover
  • Degreaser
  • Gloves (wear them while washing to keep your hands clean)
  • Soft cotton towels
  • A cloth for drying

Wash motorcycle process

Remove all bags and other accessories

The first thing you should do while washing your motorbike is to remove all the bags, luggage or any other important accessory that you don’t want to get wet.

Water for cleaning

Most of the people simply start off washing using plain water. There is nothing wrong in that but it is advisable to use warm water with the mix to remove hard-sticking dirt. Also, use only a pipe if necessary as it wastes more water.

Using the right Sponge/Scrub

Using the right sponge and scrub is of great importance. If you use a hard scrub it can damage the surface and if you take a soft one, it won’t take the mud and dirt off. Different scrubs should be used to clean different areas. It is erroneous to use the same sponge for cleaning tires and the seat. However, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of an old toothbrush. It can be your savior for getting the grit out of difficult-to-reach areas such as radiators or laced wheels.

Use a good wax to shine your bike

Waxing is important in order to retain the shine. To keep a bike looking like brand new, one should never compromise on the quality of wax. One of the distinguishing feature between a wax and a polish is that former consists of abrasive ingredients. That being the case, it is always desirable to use polish for removing scratches because the wax will only cover it temporarily.

Removing bugs and tar

Bugs and tar stains are horrifying for every motorcyclist. If not removed faultlessly, it can cause blemishes on the body paint. This is where bug and tar removers come to the rescue. They help the bikers to regain that flawless shining surface. It should be kept in mind not to over use them as it can damage the paint. How to wash bike is really important when removing the bugs and tar.

Take care of that chain

Chain is one of the most vital parts of a bike. It controls the rear wheel motion and should be taken care of well. Chain is the first body part that should be cleaned. In some motorbikes it is covered with chain cover to prevent the dust to settle on it. It is highly important to remove the mud and grit that gets stuck on the chain and increase friction. Plenty of lubricants are available in the market, but it takes practice to use them correctly. Cleaning products need to be washed off quickly after applying as they can stick to the chain.

Dry it well

This may sound unimportant but it is essential to let your motorbike dry well. After completing the wash, you should turn on the engine and let it run for several minutes. This will help in drying out the bike. You can also take it for a ride, but remember to check the brakes first.

Things you should certainly avoid

Wash regularly, but not every other day

You have to balance out when to wash and when not to wash. Regular wash is a great practice to find out leaks and loose body parts. It also prevents blemishes which can be caused by bugs or tar if not removed timely. On the other hand, frequent washing and waxing reduces paint’s durability. So it is preferable to wash your bike after a long trip, but not after a ride in the nearby area. Just use a soft cloth to wipe it clean regularly instead of a full wash.

Right time and place to wash

Washing doesn’t mean you can park your bike anywhere and start cleaning it. It is advisable to wash a motorcycle in the shade rather than under direct sun. The paint on the bike is prone to damage under direct sun. It is also not recommended to wash a motorcycle straight after a ride as the engine is hot even after some time of use.

Use of high-pressure pipes

Sometimes cleaning with a high-pressure pipe can cause more harm than good. Water at full force can damage the electrical parts or atleast degrease them. It can also corrode some of the metal parts. Therefore, it is better to avoid high-pressure cleaning of chains, plugs and wires. Try to use more and more bucket water.

Excessive use of wax

In order to keep your bike shining it is important to use wax but some bikers tend to overuse it. Some biker without any prior knowledge choose a low-grade wax which is more harmful than useful. This can cause permanent damage to the body paint and should be used only if necessary. This is how to wash a bike and wax is nicely.

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