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As soon as, a person becomes eligible to drive, he also becomes responsible for his and others safety. On average, the numbers of persons who died due to road accidents, has a large proportion of people without helmets. If you ask anyone, the reason for not wearing a helmet, no one will be able to give a genuine or legitimate answer to this question. Helmets are among one of those things designed by humans that either doesn’t have a disadvantage or one will have to search very hard to find one. We’d recommend a brand like Fulmer Helmets to get started.

What are motorcycle helmets?fulmer helmet

The particular type of helmets used by the ones who ride bikes, is called motor cycle helmets. The primary aim of these motorcycle helmets is the safety of the riders. The helmet ensures that the individual is safe, during any accident or impact with anything solid as a rock.

The ones driving motorcycles are at a very high risk of meeting with an accident due to very high traffic. According to a study helmets have reduced head injuries around 70% and deaths by 45%. There was also a time, when it was thought that helmets increases the neck injuries and back injuries. But all these were proven wrong with time and recent studies. A new study showed that helmets also prevents spine injury. A company like Fulmer helmets spends a lot of money on research and development. Making sure that when a rider goes down wearing one of their helmets that they survive. The best helmet is one that will keep you alive when you crash, not the one that looks the best.

Best Helmet Chart

Fulmer Motorcycle Helmet Limitless Green XS
Fulmer RX4 Strike Red Graphic Adult Off Road Helmet
ScorpionExo Covert Adult Helmet
Bell Qualifier Unisex Full Face Street Helmet
3.7 pounds
4.2 pounds
4.8 pounds
3.5 pounds
15 x 12 x 11 inches
13 x 12 x 11 inches
14 x 11 x 11 inches
15 x 12 x 11 inches

Origin of motorcycle helmets

A medical officer, Dr Eric Gardener, who felt bad for the motorcyclist getting hurt at the race track. He thought of doing something for them. He made a helmet that was strong enough to withstand in case if any collision and he ensured that it won’t break and hurt the wearer. Although his work gained him respect, but the use of helmets did not increase. The use of helmets was widely accepted during 1930s, after the death of a person named T.E. Lawrence, who got a very bad head injury. One of the doctors attending him, was Hugh Cairns. He felt bad for the family of the dead person. Therefore, he led a vast research and also led awareness among people for the use of helmets.

Different types of motorcycle helmets

These are the different types of helmets. Make sure to check out the motorcycle helmet reviews below:

  • Full face helmets
  • Modular helmets
  • Open face helmets
  • Half helmet
  • Off-road helmet
  • Dual-sport helmets

Fulmer Helmets, Limitless Greenfulmer helmets

Fulmer Helmet’s bright green helmet is a full face, off-road style modern ATV as well as a motorcycle helmet. This helmet is lightweight and features aerodynamic design that reduces drag. One feels comfortable when wearing the helmet.

It is equipped with an impact resistant shell of injection plastic, and deluxe removable as well as washable interior lining. The helmet features dot and a new modern shell with aero design, adjustable chin which is very comfortable, top vents and internal adjustable vents for chin which provides ease in movements. There are vents for rear exhaust, the helmet also consists of breath deflector that are forced with air ventilation system padded with D-ring system of retention. Even if worn several times; its fit is incredible and very comfortable. The Fulmer quality is very nice and these helmets are pretty durable and can last a very long time. Even though these are relatively cheap motorbike helmets, they will last for a very long time.

Perfect for off-road

The Fulmer’s road helmet is an off road helmet which is DOT/ECE approved hence is street legal and safe. It has a shell that is fully vented and interior padding is done for safety and comfort. The D-Ringstrap protects the chin and is comfortable too. Good air ventilation system is great and hence one can breathe very easily. It is very lightweight and durable for pleasurable rides.

It has a great shield system and provide complete protection. The helmet is a steal deal that is comfortable, affordable and durable. The fit is perfect and the interior is very soft.
The helmet has a moisture wicking pillow interior, which is soft and comfortable for long use. One does not feel congested in this full face helmet. It is incredibly lightweight and durable. Although the colors are a bit outrageous and also the design is a bit shady. The helmet is worth its cost and is pretty good for rough use. It has a good fitting and good comfort.

fulmer helmets

ScorpionExo Covert, Unisex-Adult, Half-Size-Style, Matte Black Helmetfulmer helmets

Scorpion Covert Helmet is augmented half lid helmet which is unique and intelligently designed. The construction is a clean helmet with an incredible drop down visor. It has a removable sleeve which allows the helmet to transform from standard lid to a three fourth open face cycle helmet. The face mask is detachable and attaches with neodymium magnet.

The style as well as the function of this covert helmet is commendable. The matt finish with the “S” logo is done pretty well. The shell, although may be smaller that expected and hence is a negative factor. The build quality of the helmet is excellent with no sharp edges or gaps as often seen in other helmets. The visor is in dark tinted style. The swap-out is very quickly with one sharp tug. The most impressive thing about the visor is how it sits in a groove in for a pretty neat fit.

Great field of vision

The field of vision is a bit narrow top-to-bottom, but is fine in other respects. Due to muzzle design, expectation to feel a great deal of wind is natural, but surprisingly it is not so. The wind flows around the helmet and is locked by the muzzle and visor combo. Since the chin area is the place which is open, so the air comes from only that area. This helmet is part of the small motorcycle helmets category.

The helmet shape is an oval that’s fit is pretty sluggish The chin strap is pointed in the right direction which is unique by facing the front of the throat instead of the center of the neck. Double d rings are pretty old technology and thus have to be changed. The helmet is very tight from inside and often the ears may hurt. Other than these this helmet will be a great buy.

Fulmer Helmets, RX4 Strike, Red Graphic, Adultfulmer helmets

The Fulmer’s RX4 Strike Red Off Road Helmet is a great choice for the beginners. It fits great and protects skull along with comfort. It is something that’s recommended for starters or somebody who is concerned about budget. The helmet has an off-road shape. The quality as well as construction is awesome and the cost is pretty reasonable. If a dual-sport rig is owned by someone, this helmet would be a great choice. This helmet has neat and clean graphics that look very classy. These helmets consist of a UV-resistant coat to protect from heat and sunlight, which has been applied on decal which makes it very thick and protective. The is one of the Fulmer V2 helmets for sale out there.

Proper molding

Eye port molded from single piece makes it look clean and slick, also giving a classy appearance, the gasket is pretty fancy and it fits great too. The gasket on eye port is made up of rubber and is lined with split lines that are quite tight. The helmet liner is removable and padding is of great quality, with slightmesh lining which covers EPS above padded part of liner situated at the head. Chin bar is rubbery and hence is quite uncomfortable when worn in heat, although the benefit is that no exposed surface is present of EPS inside the RX4 helmet, adding to the incredible quality it has. This is not a Fulmer half helmet, but close.

The extended temple and jaw EPS provides extra security and ease. The low pressure air exhaust flow system enables ease in breathing in rough rides and enables good air ventilation. The eye port with rubber surrounding adds grip while picking the helmet; helping in holding goggles in the right place. The eye port is great, comfortable and is fixed in its place, providing comfort The chin bearing the helmet is designed to minimize any kind of visual obstruction. The ultraviolet protected clear coat disables color fading even in rough use, enabling the continuity of the bright red color that it has.

fulmer helmets

Bell Qualifier, Unisex-Adult, Full Face, Street Helmetfulmer helmets

The Bell qualifier helmet is a really awesome helmet, especially for a beginner. It is a unisex helmet and can be used by both sexes. The helmet is pretty reliable and durable. The visibility is quite good, although it may not cover visibility enough for getting sun out of the way in the morning. Its snug because of the padding, although it starts to loosen up after a while. For the ones who want a Bluetooth headset, inner padding actually has a pocket for speakers. It is light weight.

Poly carbon shell construction for tool-free shield replacement. It has anti-scratch UV protected shield which protects the color of the helmet. It consists of a Velocity Flow Ventilation system for the better breathing area for the user, it also comprises of flow adjust. The interior is removable as well as washable. It consists of a padded wind collar for comfort. It can drastically reduce wind, road noise, etc. The helmet has cheek pads which are contoured. The helmet also has speaker pockets which can be connected to the Bluetooth. The padded chin strap along with a D-ring closure makes it comfortable and also gives protection. It is DOT/ECE certified hence is safe on the road.

The Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet is advanced, durable and affordable. The paint finish is very clean with matte finish. It cuts noise in a great way, hence one doesn’t hear wind sounds. It consists of click release shield which enables fast and easy shield replacement.

fulmer helmets

Fulmer Helmets, RX4 Strike, Black Graphic, Off Road Adult Helmetfulmer helmets

Check out this Fulmer Helmet review. The Fulmer RX4 Strike Black Off Road Helmet has DOT/ECE22.05 Certification helmet. The DOT certification applies to the helmets with the purpose for the road user. It is a great helmet for the beginners – fits well and protect the skull with a very reasonable and a worth buy. It is recommended for starter or someone who is concerned about the budget. The RX4helmet has off-roadshape and is available in a wide range of colors as well as graphics.

The build quality as well as construction is great and the price is also very reasonable. If one owns a dual-sport rig, a helmet like this is needed. The graphics applied with no mistakes, nits or bumps are a plus point too. These RX4 helmets have UV-resistant coat applied on the decal and hence make it feel thick as well as protective. The rubber gasket on eye port is lined with split lines that are tight and thus are one of the negative factors. This Fulmer motorcycle helmet has barely any flaws.

Proper eye ports and matte vinyl

The eye port has been molded from a single piece, that cleans the look and gives a quality appearance, the gasket on the bottom of the helmet is also fancy and fits great. The liner of helmets is removable and the padding is great in quality, with a touch of mesh lining covering EPS above padded part of the headliner. Chin bar is covered in matte vinyl that is rubbery and uncomfortable, such that no exposed surface are there on the EPS inside the helmet, adding to the quality overall. This is only one of the many Fulmer Helmets for sale online.

A large rubber eye port surrounds adds grip when picking or holding the helmet; It helps in holding goggles in place. The eye port of RX4 is incredible. The chin bar is designed in such a way that it minimizes any obstruction of view and are virtually horizontal as well as vertical lines of sight when wearing the helmet. Many Fulmer Helmets reviews hold this unit in high regard.

fulmer helmets

Full face helmetsfulmer helmets

This is the type of helmet that comes first in the minds of people after thinking about the helmets. This type of helmet completely covers the face and head of the rider. In this helmet, eye port has little safetyWhen compared to other helmets like half helmets and ¾ helmets, these helmets have a chin bar. Around 50% of this impact can be seen around this area and it’s the most suited characteristics. Fulmer helmets for sale makes full face helmets and we’d recommend them!

For these helmets the position of riding plays a crucial role. Since the ones who drive on track are round backed, so this requires additional bio-engineering from this helmet. Chin bar on sports helmets can’t be lowered, and eye port is slightly inclined towards the upper portion of the helmet. Ventilation ducts are on the upper side of the head. These helmets have their own way of tackling wind, and they possess unique aerodynamics so that helmets do not rise or get carried away at greater speeds. Motorcycle helmets reviews are always something you should look into because they will go over all of the flaws.

These helmets also pay attention to the comfort of the wearer. Sometimes, they are provided with music player and Bluetooth gadgets also. The best full face helmet for yourself will be one that you feel most comfortable and safest while wearing.

Issues with full face helmets

fulmer helmets

The problem of ventilation is a major issue with full face helmets. With the visor at down position, one might feel troubled and feel like trapped. This is the reason why everyone is trying to get a well ventilated helmet. Cheap full face helmets will often run into this issue.

These helmets also have issues related to visors. UV radiations are also to be considered, it depends on the sunshine that is visible from inside. One also must pay attention to the color of the lens. A dark or colored lens makes it easier to ride under bright conditions. And for people living in areas covered with clouds permanently-a red colored or slightly yellow colored lens will be the best. At the same time clear lenses will be the best choice for those who go for night riding very often.

Fogging is one more issue with the visor. Helmets with anti-fogging glasses must be used. To decrease the fogging issue, helmets have inbuilt breath-box. Breath-box prevents the exhalation to reach the visor. Make sure you always ready the helmet reviews to make sure this is not an issue you will face.

Modular helmets

With the removal of chin bar, the full face helmets can be completely transformed into the open face easily. This might give one the feeling of the protagonist of an animated movie. Cheap helmets for sale may not always be modular. Keep this in mind if you are specifically looking for modular helmets.

Modular helmet is used by everyone, including adventure lovers and sport riders. The plus point of the   helmet is that it does not hinder or trouble anyone while talking to someone or while smoking. This feature is loved by many people. With these helmets, what one needs to do is just flip up the chin bar and can eat, drink and smoke easily.

It is said that one should never ride with the chin bar at upper position because it is not safe to do so. If one is parked beside a road, then it is best for a bit chit-chat, but while riding that is not good.

The full face helmets provide more safety than modular helmets. There is a hinge within the helmets and this weakens the structure of the helmet. The hinge allows one to move the chin bar up and down. But modular helmets provide more safety than half helmets or open face helmets.

Open face motorcycle helmets

fulmer helmets

This is the helmet that is loved the most by scooter riders. It gives immense pleasure and it matches with the other motorcycles on the street. Open face helmets is usually a cheap motorcycle helmet because there is less materials used to make them.

If they are compared with full face helmets, they provide safety almost equal to them. These helmets cover lesser portion than full face helmets. The chin bar is absent and one can also get it without a face shield. These helmet covers the head completely, but it does not cover the face.

The most lovable feature of this helmet is feeling of blow of the winds over your little nose. But this can be seen as a problem on rainy or windy day. If one gets troubled by the dust or sun shine, then he or she may use glasses, he can wear glasses. There are many different companies that give special covers to protect one’s eyes.

Half style helmets

Half helmets cover the forehead and the middle of back head. Vintage riders love these half helmets. DOT approval makes these half helmets legal on the roads of Canada. These helmets covers less part as compared to other helmets and also the resistance of impact is deficient. Fulmer motorcycle helmets are great half style helmets.

If you are okay with the half helmet, you will be happy to have it. The helmet being light in weight and also flow of air into it makes it different from others. One can provide protection to his face and eyes using sun glasses. And use of sunglasses and bandannas is recommended with these helmets. Cheap motorcycles helmets can usually be found in this category.

Off-road motorcycle helmets

These helmets are different from all other kinds of helmets due to the sun peaks. It also has easily noticeable curved chin bars. We know that dirt riding is done in warm weather and is generally done by a person with strong physical strength. This is the reason why it requires a helmet with less weight and good ventilation.

A person will never go for riding on highways with this helmet because in the highways the noise of traffic will disturb the rider a lot because its soundproofing ability is not good. Moreover, when the speed is a bit high one may get annoyed by the sound of winds.In addition to this the sun at high peak will increase the difficulty for the rider. Since there are no face shields and this is the reason why this helmet is used with glasses. A carbon-fiber helmet is the best choice for the ones who regularly go off road. They provide safety and also a light in weight. Many racers may even go for a higher level of ventilation.

Dual sport helmetfulmer helmets

These helmets have properties somewhat between full face helmets and off road helmets. These dual sports motorcycle helmets are well ventilated and are sun peak. They have visor inbuilt in them and also have a short chin bar.

These helmets have included all the best features of all other helmets. Off road helmets and full face helmets are well known for their ventilation and sound proof respectively. Their features of sound proof and excellent ventilation are included in dual sports helmets. Used motorcycle helmets for sale will often be dual sport as a lot of people by them to get the most bang for their buck.

Sun peaks are structured in such a way that it does not get lifted at high speed on highways. The design of visors is such that when they are drawn up, the one riding can use the goggles. For the ones who actively go on all types of terrain, will definitely use these helmets.

Factors to consider when purchasing a new helmetfulmer helmets

The need of every person differs. There may be a person who needs a simple helmet which can cover the whole of the face and head. At the same time one may be wanting an open helmet. Although after being these all different requirements one needs to check for these few things before buying a helmet.


There are helmets which have detachable visor. The visor helps to reduce the effect of dirt and wind and also protects from sunlight. The color and the shape of visor must be properly taken care of before buying. Cheap helmets may come with a low-quality visor. Very dangerous if you crash as the visor break crumble and get pieces of it in your eyes.


The size matters a lot. A small helmet will make the rider feel uncomfortable. At the same time, a larger helmet will obstruct the vision of the rider. To check whether the helmet is small or big, one just needs to check the pressure applied on the head by the helmet. If the pressure is high, the helmet is small and if there is literally no pressure and makes it difficult in turning the face, then the helmet is big.

Certificationfulmer helmets

Any helmet, before buying, one should confirm to EN 966 standards. It is a European standard and it rates the quality, strength and durability of the helmet. Custom motorcycle helmets for sale out on the market may look cool, but they never have the proper certification. Cheap motorcross helmets just won’t cut it for your motorbike.

Materials used when making the helmet

The helmet must be made up of two layers.  The outer shell must be made up of thermoplastic and composite fiber. The inner shell must be able to absorb shock in any event of a collision. It must be made up of expanded polystyrene or a better substance.


One must think of the color of the helmet before buying it. A black colored helmet will not be good for the ones who needs to wear helmets for long hours and ride under blazing sun. Cheap helmets will normally only come in black. Which is a nice color and a great way to save some money.

Best brands on the market

  • Bell helmets
  • Hjc helmets
  • Shoie helmets
  • Fulmer Helmets
  • Nolan helmets

Frequently Asked Questionsfulmer helmets

Some frequently asked questions about helmets are-

What is the best helmet to buy?

  • Many companies make excellent helmets and all have their own pros and cons. Fulmer Helmets make some incredible helmets, some even say they make the best motorbike helmet.

Who makes the coolest helmets?

  • This depends on the ventilation. Generally, all adult helmets are good for this purpose.

What should you pay for a helmet?

  • Helmets are available in a wide range of prices. Prices of helmets may range from $10 to $200.

Which helmet is good- a cheap one or expensive one?fulmer helmets

  • Yes, the more you pay, the more you will get. This is completely true that expensive helmets have better ventilation and the rider will be more comfortable in them. The impact test results of expensive helmets have shown that they provide more safety to an individual.

What must be the standard of a helmet?

  • This is a thing that cannot be judged in the stores. It depends on impact performance and strap strength. Any helmets that has been passed through any worldwide certification like EN certification are considered to be trustworthy.

When should one replace a helmet?

  • If there is a crash, then replace it. Adjusting problems with it, if it is very old, if the outside is foam or cloth and moreover, if you hate it. If any of the answers are ‘yes’, then you need to replace it. Any helmet sale will replace your old helmet.

Motorcycle helmet accessories

Ear plugs, helmet care kit, accessory belt, visor transporter, and bubble shields. These are few important accessories of a helmet.

Final thoughts on Motorcycle helmets

Yes, one should definitely wear a helmet. There is not any valid reason for not wearing a helmet during riding motorcycles.

The helmets protect one from many different kinds of injuries. Everyone knows the fact that head injury is very dangerous.  There are many incidents when people have died even due to minor head injuries. There are even incidents in which people have gone through mental trauma due to damage on the head due to collisions from even small obstacles.

Many studies have shown that the percentage of people dying due to accidents have a very large percentage of people who were not wearing a helmet. So, the helmet is a thing that must be used by every individual, except for the time if he is not driving. One should always use a helmet because your life is not only yours. Many lives are related to you.