ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet in Review


ILM Bluetooth Integrated helmets are the latest addition to its entry level range. This product mainly targets the customers that don’t want to spend a fortune on their helmets. ILM has always been known for its state-of-the-art design and this new product is no exception. Although it is inexpensive, it doesn’t fall short on features.

Features of the ILM Bluetooth Helmet

This helmet is integrated with Second – generation Bluetooth which can be used to connect to MP3 players and mobile phones. It provides 8 hours of talk time for normal usage and 110 hours of Standby time. The helmet has a lining of microfiber, which is washable and alterable vents.

The touch controls mounted on the left side allows you to answer, reject or redial a call. An incoming call overrides all the other actions such as music, FM, Intercom. It has inbuilt Intercom that allows the motorcyclist to communicate with other riders within 1000 feet range; two speakers incorporated within the helmet. Embedded with Digital Signal Processor for Echo suppression. The helmet complies with ECE as well as DOT Standards.


  • The first feature that strikes about this product is its intercom. This can be really helpful when you are travelling with someone. The rider can communicate with the other without taking the helmet off. It allows two riders to converse within 1000 feet of distance.
  • Riders can listen to songs, GPS commands, and attend calls via Bluetooth. For listening music, all you need to do is connect your MP3 player via Bluetooth. It is radio compatible too, this means it connects to local radio stations.
  • One touch power controls are mounted on the exterior of the helmet on the left side. It allows you to redial, answer or reject an incoming call. This is highly beneficial as you don’t want to lose focus on the road while riding.
  • The two inbuilt speakers give a decent sound output.
  • Fits well and is compatible with almost all head sizes.


  • One of the biggest disappointments about this helmet is that it keeps fogging up. This results in poor vision for the rider and can be dangerous.
  • As mentioned before, the two inbuilt speakers have decent sound, but lack bass, which is noticeable when listening to some rock music.
  • Being a starting range helmet, ILM has compromised a bit on quality which could have been better. You can notice the cheap plastic used.
  • Another major letdown is that rider-to-rider intercom does not work with other brands of helmets. Both the riders should have ILM brand.
  • Weighing 4.4 pounds this helmet feels a bit heavy and bulky.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an inexpensive, sturdy helmet with some cool features then this product is worth buying. Although there is a fogging issue, but riders who don’t travel much and like to keep their sun shield open should not face any problems. Intercom is highly advantageous when you want to communicate with some other rider, but is only limited to 1000 feet and is not compatible with other brands. This helmet also provides you with the feature to listen to songs and attend calls via Bluetooth which can be useful on long rides.

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