Joe Rocket R1000X Full Face Helmet in Review


Joe Rockets is a prominent helmet brand which is mainly known for its vivid graphics and affordable pricing. The R1000X lithium series is available in six bright and flamboyant design patterns. Apart from various color combinations available this helmet series is also known for its aerodynamics and aggressive design. The R1000X offers a clear shield, but offers a darker option as well.

These helmets are DOT and SNELL approved. Joe Rocket doesn’t compromise the safety of the rider as these helmets have dual layer EPS, which provides enough padding to withstand any big impact.

Features of the Joe Rocket R1000X

The full face R1000X lithium helmet boasts many distinctive features for the given price range.

  • Polycarbonate shell: This helmet offers aerodynamically advanced shell made out of polycarbonate. The material used to make the sculptured shell gives the helmet a solid finish to endure high-intensity impacts.
  • EPS Lining: This helmet by Joe Rockets comprises of a dual density EPS layer which is known to absorb high-intensity impacts better than EPP layer. It feels like a cushion layering that takes all the impact and evenly distributes the energy in the whole lining.
  • Snug fit: R1000X is well-known for its comfort and precise fitting. It sits quite well on the head. This supreme fitting has been achieved through the CAD – specified shape of interiors.
  • Faceshield: The 3D faceshield includes an anti-fog coating that is hard coated. In order to make fogging less of an issue, these helmets also have Air Guide breath deflector. This removable deflector is placed on the chin bar. R1000X comes with a clear shield by default, but also offers a darker shade as an option. Changing the shield is a simple process that doesn’t even require any tool.
  • QWICKDRY Liner: This range of Joe Rocket helmets is equipped with a comfortable liner known as QWICKDRY. As the name suggests this liner is washable and can be removed. Like almost every other helmet R1000X has double D-ring fasteners to tie up the free ends.
  • Ventilation: These helmets include Quad-port 2.0 ventilation system in order to provide proper air flow. They have two large vents at front for air intake and two large Venturi-effect vents at the spoiler on the back-end.


Joe Rocket R1000X offers a lot for its given price, but it still falls short in some areas.

  • Although the helmet shield is easy to change and doesn’t require any tool, but still there are no proper instructions given in the instruction manual.
  • The front part of the helmet lacks proper padding and can feel tight to some riders.


Joe Rocket R1000X is the best helmet available in the market for its price tag. With its aggressive design and vivid patterns, this helmet has been victorious in attracting the customers. Proper ventilation and an anti-fog coating causes a clear view through the shield. It also provides a tinted dark smoke shield as an accessory.

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