LS2 Helmets Strobe Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet in Review


Today, we are talking about LS2 Helmets, The company entered the market in 1991 and has been very popular for its innovative ideas and craftsmanship. The Chinese company became very famous in a very short time span. TheStrobe Helmet by LS2 is the newest offering in the market. The LS2 STROBE MODULAR is the one with the awesome chin design. And looking at the price range, it is a perfect deal.

Features of the LS2 Helmets Strobe Motorcycle Helmet


You can wear it for long time without worrying about the pain in the lower neck which is usually caused after wearing heavy helmets.The body is fully made up of kinetic polycarbonate alloy which is very durable and tough Material. It weighs around 4-5 pounds. HTPP composite helmet shell(that cuts the wind pressure and gives an enjoyable ride) Plus it comes with a Built-in Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield, that means you don’t have to wear sunglasses under the helmet. And if you wear specs you don’t have to worry about it at all also as it provides you enough space.

Adjustable chin bar

And when it comes to style, this is the best you can get, it’s built is perfect. The chin bar have an amazing built and they are fully adjustable, which you can slide upwards while riding the bike even if you are wearing gloves as the red button is present just under the chin bar. The special design keeps the chin bar on its place and don’t let it slide down so that you can enjoy the ride and feel the fresh air on your face. You just have to be careful while placing the Helmet on a flat surfaces. The oval design fits almost every head size, the quick release strap is useful for putting it on and off easily.


The aerodynamic kinetic polycarbonate alloy body  is light weight and it provides high security in case of any accident. The KPA absorbs the shock and provides maximum security. These helmets are DOT and ECE approved, which leaves no doubt about the safety features of LS2 STROBE MODULAR. This is also a reason why these helmets have become so popular in such short span, because they don’t compromise your safety for the sake of style.

Ventilation/No fog issues

The ventilation system is fully customisable, which you can adjust accordingly, which gives you the liberty to enjoy any kind of weather. The usual problem of fog that every bike rider faces is also solved here. Plus the inner liners are washable. Last but not the least the LS2 STROBE comes with Bluetooth speakers which means you can enjoy your favourite songs while riding, and it can also be used for navigation purposes.


For those who don’t want to spend $600-800 on a helmet, this is the perfect choice. These helmets are highly versatile and durable, and comes with 5 year warranty. For any other brand you’ll have to pay almost thrice the amount compared to this masterpiece.

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