LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet in Review


LS2 is the biggest brand name in the helmet manufacturing business, the reason why they are on top is, the huge variety of helmets in different price ranges. Bikers from all over the world prefer these helmets because the LS2 Offers the best features at the lowest possible price.

LS2 Stream Solid Helmets are full face helmet that comes in the range of $110 and are available in 16 different colors and in 6 different sizes. Depending upon the personal choice you can select the ones with high graphic design or get them customized according to your choice. Considering the price it has some features which are not offered by any other brand.

Features of the LS2 Stream Solid

  • Comfort: Nobody likes to wear a bulky helmet, that causes pain in the lower neck and are difficult to operate. The LS2 STREAM offers perfect fit and the Kinetic Polycarbonate Alloy body keeps it very light weight (4lbs). The oval shape of the helmet fits almost every head shape and size. The inner liners are fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. The cheek pads are comfortable, but might feel a bit too tight on the first use, but these are designed to adjust according to your face and will fit perfectly after some use. The liners are washable.
  • Aerodynamic Design: HTPP composite shell gives a superior aerodynamic design which cuts the flow of wind smoothly even at the high speed, which makes it an enjoyable ride for the biker.
  • Twin Shield System: Generally, this feature is only present in high-end helmets, but LS2 STREAM provides you this feature also. The twin shield system is easy to operate and you can switch between them easily even with your gloves on. You don’t have to do it manually, The visor comes down with a single click of the button which is placed on the left side of the helmet.
  • Safety: These helmets come with the certification from DOT and ECE, which makes it an ideal deal for the bikers who don’t want to spend a lot on the helmets but don’t want to compromise with their safety also. Multi density EPS layer ensures the minimum damage to your head in case of a hit.
  • Ventilation: It comes with a well-functioning and fully adjustable ventilation system, that you can open or close according to the weather outside. The inner liners can also be adjusted in case it’s blocking the air flow.


  • The only issue with these helmets is that they are a bit smaller compared to the other brands in the market, it is recommended to buy one size larger than your normal size if you want a perfect fit.
  • No Snell ratings are available for these helmets.


In this price range this is the best you can get. The design is elegant and very classy, and comes with a wide variety of color options to choose from. Though it has some cons like smaller size but overall is is the perfect choice.

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