Nolan N20 City Helmet in Review


Nolan Helmets SpA is decades old brand founded in the early 70s, by the Italian entrepreneur Lander Nocchi. The Nolan N20 is the half Helmet which is basically designed for around town or scooter riders, but the built quality of the Helmet has gained quite a lot of attention amongst the riders all over the globe.
The decision of selecting a different design for the riders has worked in the favor of the company. With a single glance one can tell it’s a high quality product. Many motorcycle racers like Casey Stoner, Marco Melandri and Ricardo Tormo have used these helmets over their careers. The vintage look goes great with vintage bikes, cruiser or scooters.

The Nolan N20 City Helmet is stylish

The body design of Nolan N20 is very good and the jet pilot style round body with no fancy stuff gives it a nice vintage look, plus the color schemes go perfectly along with the Helmet. The chin straps are made up of high quality premium leather, which looks really good.

Great fit for any size of head

Its got fully adjustable padding which fits very well, also the inner liners are washable. It also provides you enough space to wear glasses/spectacleseven with the face-shield down. The neck curtain is also removable, in case you don’t​ like it, you can remove​ it.

Microlock technology plus it’s lightweight

It comes with an easy to operate quick-release system that helps you put it on and off without any problems. The micro-lock system works smoothly even with your​ gloves on. The Polycarbonate body does not add to the weight of the Helmet and gives you the comfort you can only think of. These Helmet only weighs around 2.5 lbs.

Proper safety measures in place

The body is fully made up of Polycarbonate material which ensures the minimum impact of a hit in case of any accidents. Nolan N20 comes with the certification DOT, which does not leave any doubt about the safety it provides.


  • The major problem with these Helmets is the fitting, the round design is not at all suitable for those with the oval head shape. Though it might fit perfect on round shaped head, but is a strict no for those with a narrow oval head shape.
  • Price: Nolan N20 is at a disadvantage when it comes to price, compared to the other leading brands in the market the features offered at this price are very few.
  • No ECE, SNELL certification for security
  • Limited range of Colors.
  • Not suitable for certain weather conditions.
  • These Helmets are only available in the USA.

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