Scorpion EXO-T1200 Motorcycle Helmet in Review


Scorpion Sports is a renowned name in the field of helmets. It has been consistently delivering sturdy helmets with great aerodynamics. The EXO 1200 model is the first touring helmet launched by the company. Majorly focussing on bikers who like to go on long rides, this product is all about comfort.

Overall over of the Scorpion EXO-T1200

Scorpion EXO T1200 offers some distinctive features to give tough competition to its rivals such as Shei, Arai. It is strongly built and sits well on the head, which is a blessing when going for long distance rides.

  • It makes use of Thermodynamic Composite Technology. TCT is a 5-layer blend of materials like fiberglass, Aramid.
  • Another distinguishing feature of EXO T1200 is its venting system known as Venturi Super Vent. VSV allows proper ventilation so the rider doesn’t feel suffocated. It also comes with an internal shade that can be set in three positions.
  • Scorpion helmets are layered with EPS, which absorb single impact better than EPP. This product is lined with EPS throughout the chin bar. During a big hit, EPS disperses the energy efficiently in the whole lining.
  • EXO T1200 uses Airfit liners as cheek pads for a snug fit.
  • In order to make the sun visor changing less cumbersome, it uses Ellip-tech Ratchet system. This allows you to change the visor in seconds.

Safety Features

Scorpion is working constantly to ensure the safety of rider. All its new helmet range has TCT and EPS technology to tone down the impact during a hit. It complies with DOT and ECE safety standards and has also received decent 3/5 rating from SHARP in April 2016. Helmets also have Double D-ring fasteners in order to keep them rightly positioned on the head.


Although, this product from Scorpion ticks almost all the boxes but still it has some shortcomings.

  • Helmet noise: Noise issue is the biggest disappointment of this product. Air vents seem to be the probable cause of this. While they do provide ventilation by letting a good amount of air in, they also seem to catch a lot of the wind which creates noise. It is annoying for the bikers who don’t use ear plugs.
  • Fogging up of drop down sun visor: The sun visor has been a key selling point of Scorpion helmets. It operated via a lever on the left side. On the downside, it has a tendency to catch moisture, therefore, the visor keeps fogging up in cold conditions. The sun visor is not as dark as depicted in the pictures so the rider may feel dazzled on sunny days.
  • The position of the opening tab of main shield: The main shield’s opening tab is positioned on the left side which is not preferred by most motorcyclists.

Final Verdict

This is a great looking helmet with an elegant design. It is lightweight and has easy fastening. The noise won’t be an issue if you are habitual of riding with earplugs on. The drop down sun visor is godsend, but the plastic feels cheap. Therefore, it can be concluded that Scorpion EXO T1200 is a good product but for 300 bucks the quality is a bit on the cheaper side.

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