Torc T14B Full Face Helmet in Review


We all are a motorbike freak and are fond of riding and aiding it. Its simplicity is the main cause of its profound fame. But with beautiful flowers come spiky thorns same is the case with motorbikes.

Being a two-wheeler vehicle the accidents associated with motorbikes are tremendous and increasing day by day. For the safety of the rider many steps are taken out of which full faced helmet is best of the kind. The head being the most delicate part of the body should be properly covered and protected and helmets serve this prerequisite. We are in the era of modernization where even the smallest of thing is digitalized and computerized. Even helmet is equipped with this.

Helmets with built-in Bluetooth capable devices are in market now-a-days. Bluetooth helmets are rapidly replacing the older forms of helmets due to its effectiveness and safety. There are a diversifying qualities of these helmets.

GPS Handling

The most common problem faced by the long distance travellers and riders is finding the right way. For that they have to stop and ask directions from other people or study the map in the mobile phones. Stopping at every regular intervals to apprehend the right path is very exasperating. This solution to this problem are the navigation control helmets. It guides you the right path while driving without any further distractions. Also with the advanced bike-friendly GPS systems which prompts, voice from microphone systems makes easier for the biker to interact with the system without any distraction from driving.


Another advantage of these systems is dynamic communication. Many bike-rider groups go for long tours. Communication among the members is of utmost importance which is served by these helmets. They can plan their trips or decisions without any distraction which are even adding to their safety. Also the cops on bikes needs to have a close liaison between them for the success of their mission.


Long rides become very boring when you are an alone lad. People say that music is the best partner, so here’s your partner is back. Bluetooth headsets within the helmets help to link up with the mobile phones and listen to your favorite songs and make your ride a memorable one.


We all are aware of the harmful radiations coming out from our mobile phones. Continuous exposure of these radiations may lead to brain cancer and other problems, so using of Bluetooth helmets allows us to stay some time away from our phones. Also attending phone calls while driving may lead to accidents. These helmets aids us to attend to important calls without taking away our hand from the handle.

Final thoughts

Thus, Bluetooth aided helmets make it easy for the riders listen to their favorite songs or carry out a two-way convocation with your friend. This innovation is one of its kind. But with qualities come great prices, which everyone can’t afford. So it is very important to find the right helmet within the perfect cost. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic is the best at such an affordable cost. With diversifying qualities and riding friendly features, it’s the best of its kind.

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